Hindu Om Wall Hangings

Price : USD 5.85 / 6 Piece(s)

Hindu Om Wall hanging, 20 x 22 cm size. Embroidery on Brocked silk in different colors with 5 inches silk tassells as decoration. Om the mystic syllable of A-U-M is nenerated by the Brahmans as well as by the Buddhist. When all was Sunyata, Prajna Devi (Adi Dharma) was revealed out of Akash with the letter "U". The vija Mantra of Sangha is "M". thus the letter A-U-M are the Vija Mantra of buddha, dharma & Sangha.


Size 20 x 22 cm
Type Hanging
Model Number IMG 8389
Brand Name Asthamangal handicraft
Material Silk
Color Blue, Green, Yellow, Red & burgandy
Pattern Hindu Om
Design Square
Place of Origin Nepal
Usage Relegious decoration
Metal Type Silk
Hindu Om Wall hanging Dsco 8389
20x 22 cm Religious Wall hanging

Additional Information

Product Code IMG 8389
Min. Order Quantity 25 Piece(s)
Port Kathmandu, Nepal
Payment Terms T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Packaging Details Pack in roll Poly tube