Buddha Chorten Stupa

Price : USD 38.00 / Piece(s)

Clay Buddhist Stupa, hand made of Clay. 14 inches height.

Chaitya or the Stupa, which represents the Buddhist Universe, is the Buddhist sanctuary, sometimes square and sometime round, with spires or steps on the capital. Each apire or step represents a heaven, the uppermost portion being a point which is supposed to the highest peak of Mount Sumeru, a mythical mountain whence the Buddhichitta losses itself in sunya. On the four sides of the Chaitya the figure of four dhyani Buddhas Akshobhaya, Ratna Sambhav, amitabha and amoghsiddhi are placed. The place Vairochana is in the center, In some chaitya, virochana is placed tot he rest along with Akshobhaya.


Buddhist Chorten Stupa Hand made of Clay
Which Represents the Buddhist Universe, is the Buddhist Sanctuary On the Four Sides of the Chaitya the Figure of Four Dhyani Buddhas Akshobhaya,
Ratna Sambhav, Amitabha and Amoghsiddhi are Placed The Place Vairochana is in the Center
Height 14 Inches and Size Available
Use Home and Office Decoraiton Also Use for Gift
Color Paint Different Colors

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Min. Order Quantity 10 Piece(s)
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Delivery Time 10 days
Packaging Details Wrap in safe packaging material on wooden box packing during shipment.